Parallel is a discretionary investment management boutique whose aim is to generate attractive real returns over the long term, supported by the delivery of excellent service through a range of investment solutions.

We create diversified portfolios designed to provide clients with consistently strong risk-adjusted returns that meet or exceed their expectations... Read More

Our Portfolios

Our Portfolios are designed to provide an investment strategy to cater for the needs of a broad spectrum of investors who have clear, measurable and attainable goals, and who seek to avoid exposure to unnecessary risks.


Our Team

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An ability to use everyday language to explain complex subjects coupled with a meticulous care and concern for our clients are the hallmark of the Parallel team.


Our Approach

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Our understanding of the historical patterns of different asset classes helps us to identify the appropriate blend for our Portfolios, ensuring that we remain disciplined and can take a long-term perspective.


Our Views

"Despite being volatile and prone to occasional shocks, equities continue to look attractive.  For some investors there is no real alternative in a low growth, low return world."

Rebecca Whelan Investment Manager

"With so many economic and political unknowns the sensible investment approach would seem to be ‘cautious’, being careful not to be distracted by short-term market noise."

Mark Nish Chief Investment Officer

"We continue to favour equities in the current environment. While valuations appear expensive in some regions, robust global liquidity and loose monetary policy should remain supportive of the asset class."

Matthew Jones Director