Our Portfolio Ranges

We have created a range of model portfolios comprised of a blend of collective investment funds, each with a clearly defined objective and level of risk so that you and your financial planner can select the portfolio most suited to your personal needs and objectives. We take care to ensure each model portfolio is managed appropriately. We never achieve returns by taking unnecessary risks and would rather miss a potential opportunity than risk unacceptable losses.

The strategic asset allocation for each of our investment portfolios acts as a reference point for our decisions. We generally view equities as the primary risk asset and the percentage weighting in shares will vary to match the stated risk-return objective of each portfolio.

The balance of each portfolio is made up of exposure to other asset classes with different correlations to equities to provide some stability, to reduce the downside when unexpected events occur, and to provide some insurance should the timing of decision-making work against us.

Our review process continually monitors if the objective of the individual portfolios is being met and this includes ensuring that the characteristics of each portfolio are aligned with the risk profile.

Providing Diversification

Parallel offers four portfolio ranges to suit a variety of investment styles. Each contains a number of risk-profiled diversified portfolios, all of which are invested in a wide variety of underlying holdings.

This means that an investment in one of our portfolio strategies immediately diversifies your capital across a wide range of different asset classes, geographies and investment styles.

Our Investment Committee

The Investment Committee meets monthly to identify geographic and sector trends and to consider both the economic and geo-political outlook. The performance of each of our portfolios against their respective investment benchmarks and the contribution of each of the underlying constituents is also reviewed.

Using this analysis, and research drawn from a wide spectrum of sources, our qualified and experienced Investment Committee determines if (and when) any tactical changes should be made to the portfolio asset allocation and investment fund choice, allowing us to capitalise on favourable market conditions or to adopt a more defensive position.